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About The Thrill

What we do:

The Thrill is the blog arm of The Kenyon Collegian. Our mission is to deliver campus news and commentary to you in a way that is both fast and fun. We maintain some autonomy from the print edition, but we do have some crossover in terms of staff.

Who we are:

Editor-in-Chief: Kate Lindsay
Executive Editor: Jack Quigley
Daily Editors:  Olivia Grabar Sage, Maureen Hoff, Mary Alice Jackson, Molly Narkis, Elizabeth Norman, Grace Potter, Izzy Sanderson
News Editor: Nathaniel Shahan
Staff Writers: David Belsky, Camille Bourret, Emma Brown, Matt Delbridge, Reed Dickerson, Alex Greenwald, Coral Lee, Natasha Preston
Contributors: Claire Berman, Eileen Cartter, Anna Coppelman, Molly Halberstadt, Dylan Jones-Tuba, Annaliese Milano, Noah Weinman
Copyeditors: Eileen Cartter, Zoe Lyon
Videographer/Editor: Izzy Johnson
Editors Emeritus: Emma Specter
Miscellaneous facts:
Our header was designed by Spencer Kaye ’14. The illustration of Peirce Hall was drawn by Nicholas Anania ’14. The Thrill was launched in September 2011.