Peirce Date – “I wish it could have been longer”

We at The Thrill love the ABC classic The Bachelor/Bachelorette.  Sadly, the latest season of the Bachelorette ended right before fall semester.  Since then we have been twiddling our thumb, awaiting the next season.  But we’re impatient, so we decided to play Chris Harrison (because the man does not age) and to put some Bachelors and Bachelorettes together ourselves! The Peirce Date is essentially a blind date, only it’s Thrill staffers setting people up and it’s at Peirce. Yes Peirce, our dining hall. Yes, the one with the Tower and “Burger Blowouts.”  No, we will send no one to the Cove for a date – that would be cruel. 

Last Sunday night around 5:10 pm, two Kenyon students, both sporting flannel, looked for love amid the havoc of Peirce Dining Hall. Now, for the contestants!

The Girl: 

  1. Name: Casey
  2. Major: Drama and American Studies
  3. Year: 2014
  4. Hometown: New York City
  5. Where are you living this year: Mather
  6. Best Part of Kenyon: October
  7. Worst Part of Kenyon: February
  8. Ideal Date: Astronaut Mike Dexter
  9. Your best pick-up line/ice-breaker: You look like you really wanna date me. Amirite?
  10. In 20 years you are… Incredibly wealthy, powerful and awesome.

The Guy:

  1. Name: Conor
  2. Major: Undecided, but probably film
  3. Year: 2015
  4. Hometown: Gambier, Ohio
  5. Where are you living this year: McBride
  6. Best Part of Kenyon: Most everyone is nice
  7. Worst Part of Kenyon: Lack of sleep and being too busy all the time
  8. Ideal Date: Dinner with great conversation, followed by being outside and watching the stars
  9. Your best pick-up line/ice-breaker: I was trying to think of a clever pick up line but then I realized there’s no such thing.  My name is Conor, what’s yours?
  10. In 20 years you are…  Living in New York, making movies.

Location: Peirce Dining Hall, Thomas Dining Room 

About the Date…

Neither party knew the other before the date.  In fact, both Casey and Conor admitted that they expected someone different. As a first year, Conor was surprised he was not set up with another first year. Casey told The Thrill that she expected “someone that she would have no way of knowing.” Due to her involvement with KCDC (Kenyon College [over]Drama[tic] Club), Casey  knew who Conor was but didn’t know him know him.

Conor: The date went really smoothly. We had a lot to talk about, since we’re both interested in drama and theater. (And we all know how those drama kids refuse to shut up when it comes to drama.)  The only thing is I wish it had been longer. (Casey had to bounce at 5:45 to go to a drama thing.)

Casey: It wasn’t boring at all. Obviously, we talked about theater (duh) and what we were both involved in this year. Conor seemed really fun and interesting.

How about the atmosphere of Peirce… 

Conor: (Nothing, because I forgot to ask him. Whatever. Get over it.) 

Casey: Compared to other dates I have been on in Gambier, Peirce rates on the lower end as a romantic locale. (Below Peirce: the KAC, the Cove and Gund Commons). For a date, I would rather be in a place that is not Peirce. The food definitely contributed, but I think it had more to do with the fact that it was a dining hall. A dining hall at the college I attend.

What about a second date…? 

Conor: Yeah, sure.

Casey: In theory: Yes.  In reality: No, I don’t date freshmen. JUST KIDDING! I’m not single.

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