What the hell is this? (or: Welcome to The Thrill)

If you look closely at the tower, you can see the bloggers of yesteryear.

Good question! This is The Thrill, the just-launched blog from The Kenyon Collegian that will cover all things Kenyon from a perspective both immediate and irreverent. In other words: we’ll get you news fast, and we’ll make it fun to read/watch/listen to.

For far too long, the Collegian has been constrained by its Thursday-centric production schedule. If something happens on a Friday afternoon, you won’t have a story in your hands until six days later. On a campus where news spreads faster than a wildfire anyway, The Thrill will give our reporters a platform for delivering you the facts as they come to light, rather than days later.

Plus, we are a little bit tired of the length restrictions and style constraints that come with news writing. It’s great for some things (e.g. news and lengthy features) but it isn’t a medium that is conducive to fun. This site, on the other hand, will be funny, snarky and everything else you expect from a blog in the age of Gawker, while maintaining the accuracy standards of more traditional reporting.

In addition to news, we’ll be carrying commentary from some of Kenyon’s freshest and most vibrant voices. Our initial roster of columnists includes Kenyon Sartorialist Charlotte Greene on fashion and Becca Hafter, who helps to lead the Queer Women’s Collective, on sex, love and dating.

We at The Thrill also feel as though the Lords and Ladies could use some more attention. We’ll be working with our colleague Nina Zimmerman (who brilliantly runs the Collegian‘s sports desk) and her team to let you know more about the 33 percent of Kenyon students who participate in varsity athletics. This weekend, look for coverage of soccer’s (both men and women) games against NCAC-newcomer DePauw.

We’ll also be doing weekly features, including sending people on blind dates in Peirce and nightly lists, which we will roll out over the coming days. For now, we’d ask you, in the words of the great Ira Glass, to please stay with us.

Now, we were going to end this post with a recording of this blog’s namesake, Kenyon’s under appreciated alma mater (we’re so over Kokosing Farewell), but instead, we thought we’d let the vintage Gunderworld play us out with “Shoot to Thrill.”

We’re told one of those guys is Rutherford B. Hayes ‘1842. For real.

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