Beloved sculpture moved to where pesky students can’t hurt it

Wondering what happened to the “Renaissance Man and Woman” that used to be in front of Cromwell? Well, it’s temporarily been unceremoniously tossed behind Storer, near the cemetery.

But have no fear! An article on Kenyon Today, Kenyon’s “brand-new web-based employee site,” reports that the statue “will be relocated to a site to the left of the Bolton Theater, where it will take up residence in a lovely garden setting.”

More info on the matter after the jump…

While this does, in fact, seem like a lovely place for the sculpture, the reasons for moving it seem a little suspicious.

“‘We wanted to find a place where students and the Kenyon community can enjoy this iconic sculpture in a less highly trafficked site,’ said Natalie Marsh, director of the Graham Gund Gallery. ‘The College wanted to move it to a place of peace and safety, and a perfect spot has been found in this garden setting.”

True, the fact that a new statue is coming in means that it’s reasonable to move this one. But who made this decision? “Careful consideration to siting has been given by Senior Staff, the Alumni Office, President Nugent, and leaders of the Kenyon Board of Trustees, including Paul Goldberger, head of its buildings and grounds committee,” Marsh said. But why weren’t any students consulted? And why was this only publicized on the employee website, not the main Kenyon website? We’ve seen less important issues than this get promoted with numerous student-infos.

How can the sculpture be enjoyed as much in a “less highly trafficked site”? Is its “peace and safety” really at risk? The thing weighs half a ton and is made of solid bronze; it will take more than a couple drunk and belligerent students to bring it down.

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    • I like this shot, and sculptures in geraenl. I think they are so cool. This is a nice find, Adam.All the best with your new portfolio, and Dreamweaver. It’ll be big fun once you get into it. Jimi Jones recently posted..

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