Henry’s Indian restaurant in Mount Vernon shut down

Photo by beketchai on Flickr.

Henry’s Copper Curry, one of three Indian restaurants in Mount Vernon, carries the dubious distinction of being better than Bombay Garden but not as good as Bayleaf. Kenyon students trying to decide where to get their chicken tikka masala  fix will, however, have one less option, at least for a while: Henry’s has just been shut down for health code and fire safety violations.

The restaurant’s violations, according to Environmental Director Nate Overholt of the Knox County Health Department, were “critical.” Overholt doesn’t actually want to specify what that means, apparently, but it doesn’t sound good for the numerous Kenyon students who flock there for tasty, somewhat authentic Indian food. Bayleaf is a good alternative, but its prices are steep and it even charges extra for baskets of naan.

The last time I was at Bombay Garden, they informed me that they were “out” of samosas. Let’s hope that this time around, they’re ready to take on the increased demand for affordable ethnic cuisine. And let’s hope even harder that the Henry’s shutdown does turn out to be temporary.

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    • Woah woah woah, I’m in Knowledge of the Other and I KNOW that even Anna Sun enjoys a nice chicken tikka masala. Leave me and my socially motivated vegetarianism alone. #westerndecadence

    • Let’s deconstruct the name “Henry’s Copper Curry.” More or less offensive because of its American location? Does it avoid overly exoticizing the cuisine? Does it pay respect to our anglicized palates? Is it cultural erasure?

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