10 o’clock list: Top 5 Things to Come Out of Peirce

Blah blah blah we love lists blah blah blah let’s do this…

the top five things to emerge from Peirce, in ascending order of bestness:

5. Bagels. They’re not very exciting, but they’re always there for you. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, through thick and through thin, love and heartbreak, war and peace, finals week. Plus: Amish jam.

4. Rectangular plates. They’re sort of fancy and sort of confusing! That said, one Thrill editor saw his roommate fit his entire meal on one of those plates, so soon they’ll take them away too, just like trays.

3. Omelets. Because it’s easy to feel healthy when the guy next to you is a football player who wants one with “everything.” That’s three kinds of pork. THREE KINDS! Honorable mention: The sausage gravy and biscuits that occasionally appear at Sunday brunch always warm this Southerner’s heart. Peirce grits, shape up.

2. The burgers. We are not a fan, however, of the term “Burger Blowout.” It’s reminiscent of one of those broken steam pipes that keep being unearthed all over campus, except instead of steam, it’s beef. Gross.

And what delicious treat will be crowned King of Peirce? Find out after the jump.

1. Freshly-baked cookies. How could this not be number one? It’s the only item that causes stampedes when the rumors start floating through Thomas: “Hey, they just put out more cookies.” But why do they even bother with oatmeal raisin when they know everyone’s just going to go for the M&M ones? Honorable mention: Cookie pie, giant cookies, anything else pertaining to cookies.

14 responses

  1. Don’t forget the chicken patties!!! Especially when they aren’t on the menu but magically appear at the comfort food section anyway. Always makes my day.

  2. Chicken patties were originally #4, even though I personally don’t get the hype, but the higher-ups at The Thrill substituted rectangular plates. Don’t blame me, blame the eds!

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