Graham Gund Keeps Giving Us Stuff

This didn't fit in Graham Gund's house. So he gave it to us! (David Hoyt for The Thrill)

The statue in front of the Apple Store Gund Gallery that looks a lot like a mermaid without a tail now has a name. And it is Ariel. We wish. In fact, the statue is a French work called “La Montagne” (it means “The Mountain”), and is a lead (Don’t make your pledges/newbies/prospies lick this one, kids!) cast of a 1937 work.

It comes, like almost all the art on this campus, from the collection of Daddy Warbucks Graham and Ann Gund. So next time you see Kenyon’s own Robert Moses (he’ll probably be here for the Gallery’s opening), stop and say thanks.

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