Breaking: You Shouldn’t Be Freaked Out by the Loud Helicopter Over Gambier Right Now (Updated)

Did you actually think we'd hide something in the alt text? This isn't xkcd.

This is not the copter that this post is about. (Wikimedia Commons)

We’ve gotten some reports within the last 15 minutes of a loud helicopter doing sweeps over Gambier, and The Thrill has confirmed that this is part of a training exercise being conducted by the College Township Fire Department and LifeFlight. A tipster also said that an ambulance is involved in the drill, which is taking place (at least partially) at the playground behind Wiggin Street Elementary School.

Update: While people were still at the playground about ten minutes ago, it appears as though the drill is winding down.

Blurry photo of the ambulance at the playground after the jump.

Erin Mershon for The Thrill

Please send any other photos, video or information our way:

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