New England Grunge: Unknown Songs by Well Known Bands

Not sure where I am going to begin with this column. To be honest, I don’t even have a real focus. I just kind of mentioned the words ‘column’ and ‘music-y’ in the same sentence and bingo-bango, I have a column (what a shoddy operation they have here).

I think the way I’m going to work this is going to be lists…yes, lists.  I feel a little like Ren Stevens (now there’s a reference!) making all these lists.  As we at The Thrill have previously stated, however, we love lists: they are organizational, hierarchical and, might I add, way more aesthetically pleasing than flow charts (although one of these days a flow chart might be nice for this column).

This week, I will be embarking on a sonic journey through the genres and decades for the “5 Songs That You Probably Don’t Know by Bands That You Do Know.” After the jump, that is.

1. That band that sings Stacy’s Mom! Who knew that they did other songs? Well, now you have the same smug satisfaction that I do.

2. Hey, who knew The Clash could cover reggae? I was pretty satisfied with Joe Strummer’s (choice name, by the way) vocals on London Calling … I mean, have you seen every single British rom-com ever produced? Those people are practically tripping over themselves to work The Clash into the soundtrack.  But this song is just otherworldly–definitely gives Toots a run for their money with the police Clash on their back. What have I done!?

3. OMG I LOVE WONDERWALL!!! I have to be honest, I really thought they crapped out after Wonderwall. While yes, I do love that song, I thought that was kind of the extent of their musical prowess.  How wrong I was. This song is a certified head-banger. Touché, Oasis.

4. Gwen Stefani’s band? For those of you that are a little savvier than that, maybe this could be called “a song by No Doubt that isn’t Don’t Speak.”  I have to say, I was a little hesitant about listening to this band. It just didn’t really seem like my thing. But, alas, I do love the subtle sounds of early ’90s ska…

5. Hey Spencer, newsflash, you’re living in the ’90s! I see your extremely valid point, valued patron of The Thrill, but the dream of the ’90s is still alive (at least in Portland). So here is a song by a band that most of you may associate with ’90s deadbeat teenagers. Well, guess what, Kenyon … deadbeats still exist in the 2000s!

Honorable Mention: Man, The Beatles really can write some dark shit.

With that, I bid you all adieu, and will see you in two weeks for … Stereotypes: The Musical-A Tour of Kenyon College’s Dorms and Facilities.

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