Hold onto your hats, Kenyon: How to Survive a Blackout

Kenyon’s not exactly known for its stability in the face of wind — current seniors will remember the great blackout of September 2008 and the T-shirts it spawned, and we tend to have at least one notable blackout each year.

If the way the leaves are rapidly enveloping my apartment is any indication, the power flicker that took place 50 minutes ago (according to my still-blinking clock radio) may be only the beginning. The College is pretty used to handling blackouts by now, but there are some basic rules of preparation in case of a serious power outage.

  • Keep your computer and cell phone attached to their plugged-in chargers while you still can like your life depends on it. Professors are used to this shit and will have little mercy, even if you couldn’t write your essay because you used up all your battery on Minecraft and blasting music for your blackout party.
  • Find your flashlight now, not later. There’s almost nothing worse than taking a shower in complete darkness.
  • If your parents aren’t here for Family Weekend, call them before the College does. Trust me.
  • Give AVI a break. Yeah, they’ll be serving prepackaged sandwiches and you’ll be eating in the dark, but at least they have food. Really, it’s pretty nice of them to give it all to us.
  • Stop calling Mark Kohlman to ask him when the power will be back.
And, last but certainly not least:
  • Make sure the blackout is for real before you start shotgunning beers in the dark and streaking down Middle Path.

3 responses

  1. All true except: It’s “nice” of AVI to fulfill contractual obligations? Yeah, we shouldn’t be mean, but it’s not like they’re doing us a favor.

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