The Gund Gallery Gets Some Flash

The new Gund Gallery has recently been outfitted with bright red letters over the entrance that trumpet its name. Are they a pleasant pop of color against a glass and metal background, or are they gaudy and jarring? We’ve heard both views expressed, and we want to hear what you think in the comments. It’s like a scientific poll, except completely unscientific.

Maybe it will distract from the leaf-strewn lobby.

14 responses

  1. The statue is angry at potentially being upstaged by the red comic book font… even though she took all her clothes off in a public space.

  2. no but actually the sign should be black. what are we trying to be? a cool trendy gallery in a city. lets face it – we’re in rural ohio. red is my favorite color but it completely distracts from all the natural beauty around the building.

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