Is Phling About to be Phlung out the Window?

Editor’s note: This story was filed by Marika Garland, the Collegian’s News Editor.

One of Kenyon’s most popular events may have seen its final days. Philander’s Phling, at least as we’ve come to know and love it, is no more, according to Associate Dean of Students Tacci Smith.

Since Phling’s inception in the early 1990s, its goal has been to provide a student-run escape from the gloomy winter weather. In recent years, however, student volunteers have dwindled to zero, leaving the Division of Student Affairs and the Student Activities Office to run it. The alum who donated the fund that allocated $10,000 to Phling each year stipulated that the event be student-run, but student volunteers for this year remain nonexistent. “Everybody wants Phling, but no one is willing to do it,” Smith said.

As a solution to this problem, the College has decided to stop coordinating Phling and instead leave the $10,000 open to any student organizations with ideas for non-alcoholic, campus-wide events in February … or should I say Phebruary? A student organization could potentially plan a Phling-like event, or a new tradition could soon be born. Applications for these new “Phebruary Phunds” will be due by Friday, Nov. 18. Thank goodness Kenyon still has something featuring multiple “ph” words.  

Check out this week’s Collegian for the full story.

14 responses

  1. This is really disappointing. But, I’m not sure if I’m more upset by the event being cancelled or that current Kenyon students couldn’t be bothered to carry on the tradition. (I also noted ‘inexistent’…yikes.)

  2. This is ridiculous. Take away the last vestiges of sendoff by giving us the ugliest beer garden I’ve ever seen and filling the mediocre midway with community children (we sponsor plenty for the community, god forbid we have one outdoor non-family event to ourselves) was obnoxious enough but now Phling? I can’t imagine that for 50 grand per student per year Kenyon couldn’t scrounge up the money or willpower to staff ONE school sponsored dance (hey, the ‘beer garden’ was certainly not staffed by students!) I never thought I’d become one of those jaded KC grads but Kenyon is making it mighty hard not to be.

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