Liveblog: Gund Gallery dedication

We’re going to be doing our first liveblog starting in just a minute when the dedication of the Graham Gund Gallery kicks off.

5:09: The building has officially been dedicated. Let’s get some free cheese.

5:00: Graham is speaking now. Saying that he remembers seeing Robert Frost dedicate Chalmers in his junior year.

4:55: We should note that this is also the end of the We Are Kenyon campaign. We’ll take our share of the $250 million in cash.

4:50: Apparently Mount Vernon lawyer Henry Curtis, namesake of Henry’s Copper Curry restaurant at the Curtis Inn, originally led Philander Chase to survey our hill.

4:48: Trustee Charles Waite ’77: It is time for Kenyon to celebrate its commitment to fine arts.

4:45: Prof. Eugene Dwyer: Soon it will be impossible to imagine Kenyon without a gallery.

4:39: Photographer Mallory Samson ’77: She almost didn’t take an art class because Bexley was so far away.

4:27: We are literally praying for Graham Gund right now.

4:25: Nuge is speaking, first academic building since science quad.

4:20: They are removing the ribbon that they use to save seats for faculty. A good omen.

4:18: My colleague David Hoyt is telling me about a very fluffy cat he met recently. Let’s get this show on the road.

4:12: Attendance is really limited. Maybe 50 people are here right now.

4:11: We are now officially running late.

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