Flash Review: It’s a Hard Knox Life!

After attending last night’s show of It’s a Hard Knox Life!, Noah Heinrich penned this flash review for those of you who aren’t sure whether to go to today’s matinee show instead of doing your homework.

Brave Potato’s latest offering, the puntastically named It’s A Hard Knox Life! is a musical cabaret staged in the Black Box Theater. Co-directed by Sarah Blair Jenkins ’13 and Madeline Jobrack ’13, Knox Life is an entertaining diversion from the chilly October air.

Featuring a huge cast for a Brave Potato production, the cabaret offers a wide variety of musical numbers from across Broadway history. One of the show’s strengths is that the songs are drawn from an array of musicals, many of which you may not have heard of. Don’t go expecting to hear Phantom of the Opera or Wicked. The cabaret is, however, hindered by the at times unusual pairings of songs, and ends on a surprisingly understated number from Chicago. The singing voices of the cast are with few exceptions lovely, but one unfortunate number wasn’t audible beyond the first row.

In summary, It’s A Hard Knox Life! is an entertaining if slightly flawed production that I would recommend to anybody with some free time around 4:00 p.m. today.

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