TV Review: The Office After Steve Carell

NBC’s hit show The Office lost a star last spring when Steve Carell left the show. Season 7 ended with Michael Scott moving to Colorado to be with his fiancée and thus quitting Dunder Mifflin permanently.  Some critics claim that Carell left the show because he felt it was going down hill. However, I don’t wholly agree with that. I think Carell  just wanted to do something new, like star in okay movies.  The eighth season has been entertaining thus far, and the writers are adjusting to the change in a creative way. But I feel the show took a turn for the worse way before Carell left.

Andy Bernard, played by Ed Helms, has filled the position of regional manager. A surprising choice, but so far it’s been amusing to see the character adapt to his new position of power. The “Nard Dog” is pretty annoying sometimes, but also lovable.

Being a hard core Office fan, I do feel that the show has lost some of its spark over the years. The beauty of The Office in the earlier seasons laid in its straightforwardness. The inappropriate comments from Michael, the pranks between Jim and Dwight and the bizarre interviews with Creed Bratton. The later seasons exhibit a change from quirky but simple human interactions to contrived plot twists. I feel like the writers are just trying to “wow” the audience through extreme scenes, like Andy getting  his ass tattooed.  And let’s be honest, Jim and Pam have gotten real boring since their marriage. (Where’s the spark?)

Nonetheless, I am not ready to give up on The Office.  I hope it can find its way back to the golden days, even without Michael Scott.

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