You’re Not Crazy: The Church Clock Actually is Slow

Do not use this clock to tell time. (David Hoyt for The Thrill)

It’s a known fact that everyone responds to stress differently. Some people (this editor included) eat a lot when they’re overwhelmed. Others cry or snap at their friends.

But most people don’t get auditory hallucinations. Which is why you were probably pretty concerned when, at 8:08 (I can totally get from Caples to Olin for my 8:10 Art History section. Right, guys?), you heard the bells in the tower of the Church of the Holy Spirit pull an 8:15. “Great,” you thought, “after getting through high school on five hours of sleep a night and working my ass off to go to college in the middle of nowhere, I’ve finally lost it.”

Well, you haven’t. Or at least those damn bells aren’t a symptom of your insanity. According to Leslie Martin, a member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee (and also our weekend editor – though she didn’t edit this post), the tower is 41 minutes slow. Which means that you are, like, living 41 minutes ahead of God. Baller.

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