Guess Where the Only Episcopal Bishop Ever Tried for Heresy Went to School?

Yup, right here! Well, technically he went to the now-closed Bexley Hall seminary. In addition to being a racist who called miscegenation a crime worse than murder, William Montgomery Brown attended the seminary for three years in the 1880s, although he did not actually graduate. (He did, however, manage to get convicted after being charged with heresy, so at least he followed through with that.)

But that was probably an overblown charge, right? “‘I no longer believed in a personal God, nor in a six-day creation, nor in a literal heaven and hell,’ Brown wrote. No fall of man, nor a redemption through the blood of Christ, either. Creeds, he decided, were symbolical, nothing more,” notes the article on Brown in the most recent Alumni Bulletin. Well, maybe that charge of heresy was apt after all.

Brown later became both an Evolutionist and a Communist, writing that “Darwin was now my Old Testament, Marx my New.”

A historic photograph of William Montgomery Br—oh wait, this is Charles Montgomery Burns.

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