Liveblog: Founders’ Day

The Toan Track is actually the worst place in the world to try and take a photo, because all of the light streams in from behind the podium, messing with your camera. But trust us, there are seats here for first years.

Once a year, we gather together to remember the history we share with our institutional forefathers. Or something like that. But for those of you who don’t want to brave the scary fog to get down to the KAC, The Thrill has you covered. We’re down at Toan Track now, where first years are slowly trickling in for an experience they will truly remember, if only because classes were shorter today.

12:25: And we’re done. Now this blogger is going to try and get to Peirce between the 196 first years in attendance. Also, kids, take the time to sign the matriculation book. You will be really sad when you remember that you didn’t as you are being handed your diploma.

12:22: Now they are singing “Kokosing Farewell.” The two former presidents singing it are super adorable.


12:19: They’re doing the Phi Beta Kappa introductions right now. Apparently, it was founded by five students. So were they like, “We’re pretty smart, let’s hang out?”

12:16: By our count, only about 200 first years are actually here. So some space just opened up in Gund.

12:14: Nuge decided to officially admit them. Thank god. We weren’t sure how that was going to go down.

12:13: They are doing the rite of matriculation. One thing we’ve always wondered: if you missed this thing freshman year, do you not actually go here?

12:10: Nugent has finished. Chamber Singers are doing some song that is not “Kokosing Farewell,” so we’ll be saving the tears for another time.

12:04: All-male colleges didn’t admit women for reasons of inequality, Nuge is saying, but rather for reasons of economics.

12:00: Nugent is speaking about Kenyon going co-ed. She was, remember, part of the first co-ed class at Princeton University, so this is a topic that is of particular significance to her.

11:57: It’s time for another Chamber Singer style profile! Oluremi Olufemi ’14 is looking (appropriately) somber in a burgundy dress with a muted grey sweater over it. Classy, as always.

11:53: Was it really necessary for them to bring the President’s throne all the way down to the KAC? I mean, those Caper chairs that are in all of the seminar rooms are pretty nice and a heck of a lot lighter.

11:48: Oden is up. He just called out the Phi Beta Kappa kids, who we imagine are smiling uncomfortably.

11:44: We did not see this coming: Andrews went off to fight in the Civil War and DIED OF DISEASE. What a downer.

11:40: We worry that Jordan’s emphasis on the “past” will be confusing to the first-years. Maybe if he mentioned the fact that Kreayshawn was the College’s provost during the Civil War…

11:36: Former president Jordan is speaking about the Civil War and Kenyon President Lorin Andrews, but we’re having trouble hearing him because of how big this space is. If only we’d bother to learn sign language.

11:26: It’s kind of funny to look at the variety of fashion choices that the first years have made. The people who are really dressed up probably feel overdressed, while the people who wore jeans probably feel underdressed. Literally no one is comfortable with what they wore here today.

11:22: Meteorological note: The fog that shrouded the football field when we arrived at 10:40 is now gone. It’s unfortunate, because there was a really great “ghost convocation” feel going on there for a second.

11:18: Nugent is speaking. Just called the class of 2015 “the future.” Based on what we saw this Halloweekend, we are legitimately afraid.

11:16: The event is now officially underway, with the traditional procession of faculty. Unfortunately, some first years are late, leading to some awkward moments where kids in North Faces were running past faculty in academic regalia to the band’s brassy tones. Eek.

11:07: Throughout the event, we will be doing mini style profiles on some of the Chamber Singers. First up: Will Quam ’14. He’s gone for a casual tan jacket this morning, though a solid blue tie adds a pop of color. We’re also HUGE fans of the white pocket square. Very Don Draper at a Vassar graduation.

10:59: Spotted: the Collegian‘s most roguish faculty advisor, P.F. Kluge. His presence lends some serious credibility to this event.

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  1. “Andrews went off to fight in the Civil War and DIED OF DISEASE.”—Just like how Scarlett O’Hara’s first husband, Charles Hamilton, died of disease before he could even get into battle! Poor Scarlett! A single mother and widow at 18 without even a war hero husband to be proud of! Oh Ashley…

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