10 o’clock list: Five Best Classrooms at Kenyon

From Thea Goodrich, who did yesterday’s worst classrooms list.
  1. The Ederic Seminar Room. Where is this, you ask? In that spacious Gundian gift, the new gallery building (now labeled in red for your convenience on blurry-eyed Tuesday/Thursday mornings)! With a huge square table, comfortable wheely chairs, a fancy projector system, remote-controlled window blinds, a wooden pointer inscribed with the benefactor’s name and “hidden” speakers repainted to better match the wall color (not kidding — I was an eyewitness), this classroom is perfect for small seminars, not only because there’s no place to hide. Just don’t try to send a paper flying toward your professor across the smoothly polished tabletop, as it will come to a floating halt in the middle, one inch from the point where your fingertips are physically capable of stretching.
  2. The Beulah Kahler Conference Room (Hayes 215). Sitting in a cushioned armchair around the glossy, oblong table here makes you feel like a top-level exec discussing Very Important Matters. (The coffeemaker in the corner adds to this ambience, and a well-dressed stenographer sitting unobtrusively behind you, recording all of your CEO’s proclamations, would complete the picture.) This room affords a lovely view of the outside world (though the vista might drive you to despair at being cooped up in class) and its proximity to the cemetery means that your professor might one day hold class there instead! (True story. Thanks, Joyce seminar.)
  3. The Cheever Room in Finn House. Spacious and as yet unsullied by time, its primary function is as a reading room for guest authors, which makes it automatically chic. The mesh-seated chairs provide nice cushioning for your long-suffering glutes, the massive windows and their benches provide premier people-watching territory and the tables are easily reconfigurable into all sorts of shapes (has anyone ever tried a balbis?). There are even three bathrooms on the same floor (three!), so the wait time for your bladder shouldn’t be too long, even after you and all your classmates deemed it necessary to chug 16 ounces of a diuretic en route to your fiction seminar. And c’mon — gotta love that lectern.
  4. The Denham Sutcliffe Memorial Library. In layman’s (i.e. everyone’s) terms, this is the august Sunset Seminar Room. Maybe it’s the budding librarian in me, but there really is just something to be said for having class at a mahogany* table surrounded by walls lined with books. So many books! During the break in your seminar, challenge your friends to the “Who are those photos of?” game! Two freebies: the only woman is Roberta Chalmers, and one of your spring semester poetry professors looks mighty dapper.
  5. The Michael J. Evans Seminar Room in Timberlake. See above reasons (minus the photos, plus fancier chairs and the adjacent porch). Actually, the entire first floor of Timberlake is a really classy place. What a quaint kitchenette! What an upscale bathroom! What artistic faux botanical arrangements! Those IPHS kids have it good.

*I’m just guessing — maybe it’s cherry? Rosewood? Walnut? Bueller?

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