The Gund Family is Cheating On Us

Kenyon’s much beloved and most benevolent sugardaddy-in-residence, Graham De Conde Gund, did not just pop out of the earth one day like a mushroom/the new North Campus Apartments. He’s actually the son of George Gund, a prominent Ohio banker and philanthropist after whom Gund Residence Hall is named (Graham’s mother, Jessica, is the namesake of Gund Commons). The Gund Foundation, named for George, recently gave $5 million to the Cleveland Institute of Art. Together with an additional $5 million already donated by the Foundation, the Institute can now fund a new building, which, of course, will bear the name Gund.

There’s plenty of Gund to go around, though, so Kenyon has no reason to feel threatened. According to Wikipedia, “George Gund III and Gordon Gund formerly owned the Cleveland Cavaliers professional basketball team and the San Jose Sharks and Minnesota North Stars professional ice hockey teams,” and Agnes Gund served as the president of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) from 1991 through 2002.

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  1. And most ironically, the building won’t be designed by Gund. Instead, the Dutch super-firm MVRDV has won the honors. Expect to see an influx of wooden clogs at Browns games…

    • So success matched by philanthropy is bad, too? I forget, how many public libraries were funded by the Carnegie Foundation? But the Carnegies are bad because they made money, right? Just like the Gund’s are bad, right? What have you ever done that’s significant?

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