Lords Football Goes Winless for Second Consecutive Season

In a case of history repeating itself, the Lords lost their final game of the season to Denison, 26-7, and have now gone without a win for two straight seasons. Their final overall record was 0-10, and their final conference record was 0-6.

This will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire in the debate over the future of the program, which is being reviewed by a committee convened by senior staff – which was originally reported by my Collegian colleague Caleb Bissinger.

6 responses

  1. HA! Lords (football) suck and yet for some reason, they’re the team that gets the new gear, the new jerseys, the mt. vernon high school to play during half time,etc. I’ve lost my voice so many times yelling at their ridiculousness that I stopped going after my freshman year. I sit through the rainy, windy, cold games of the soccer team but won’t sit through a sunny football game (which says a lot because football is my favorite sport to watch–i get very invested!). What a disappointment, SERIOUSLY! How do you practice for hours everyday and continually get worse? At some point I stopped blaming the players and started blaming the coaches.

      • Yeah I agree but you guys have to understand that football is not and was never our strongest program. We’re Division 3 so recruiting really good players is a difficult and almost impossible task. I will say that for a team who’s not doing so well, there needs to be a reassessment of the budget.

  2. I feel so bad for the players. It’s tough to be a Division III football player, let alone at a strong academic school like Kenyon. I agree with Shante, about the coaching staff. At what point does our administration look at cleaning house and starting over? My fear is that the football program is given a bigger budget, and no progress is made for the THIRD consecutive season. Do what is best for our team and get a better staff!

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