New England Grunge: Seeing/Knowing

This past weekend, some friends and I decided we needed to get off-campus for at least a little while.  This plan turned into a full fledged hipster-hajj to New York City to see Jeff Mangum, the storied lead guitarist for Neutral Milk Hotel, play in Jersey City.  Where would a couple of broke college students stay in New York, though, some might ask? Well, thanks to The Thrill and my budding friendship with Thrill Editor David McCabe ’14, we had a place to stay. Staying at a person’s house is an intimate experience that sheds light on the person’s character as well as the environment that shaped him.  To peek into someone else’s life can feel invasive sometimes, and thus we often tread lightly.  But for the sake of public interest, I now present you with a look into the mind of the man behind the beloved Thrill.

I present:

Seeing/Knowing: David McCabe (Annotated)


With this primitive form of art, we can see the budding creativity of our fearless leader. (Editor's note: You missed the obviously phallic nature of both of these pieces of gorgeous artwork.)

This dresser embodies McCabe's minimalist, no-frills aesthetic. (Editor's note: That Ralph Lauren gives me a headache. I'm not sure why it's still there.)


This assembly of seeming inanimate stuffed animals contains David McCabe's first braintrust, staff and friends. (Editor's note: That teddy bear is named Assistant Bear.)


The mirror affixed to McCabe's bathroom door says a lot about his character. As David seems to liken his life to a PR campaign, this obscured mirror denotes his modesty in relation to his own image.


The War Room. This is where all McCabe's biggest decisions were made prior to his relocation to Gambier, Ohio.


Finally, no person would be complete without a few skeletons in his closet, in this case an Elvis Presley Christmas album.


Added Bonus: I slept in McCabe's bed. And for those of you who were wondering, it's super-duper comfortable.

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