Abnormally Kind Burglar Attempts to Decorate Ohio Home for Christmas

I'm assuming he looked like this.

Last week, an Ohioan burglar proved that Midwest hospitality really does exist. Terry Trent allegedly broke into a home in Vandalia, a suburb of Dayton, and rather than the typical burglar pastime of… you know… stealing things, Trent began decorating. For Christmas. CBS also reports that “the burglar who was already in the holiday spirit was high on bath salts.”

Trent’s terrifying spree of holiday spirit ended when an 11-year-old boy discovered him and called his mother. Trent is currently being held in the Montgomery County Jail.

One response

  1. I mean… what if the family is Jewish or Muslim? Then he’s kind of a dick. Also, Thanksgiving is in a week. No Christmas before Thanksgiving.

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