10 o’clock list: One Editor’s Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

Entry 1: Stuffing (Wikimedia Commons)

Because it’s break, and you all expect a list.

  1. Stuffing – It’s carbs and butter, my two favorite food groups.
  2. Gravy – Absolutely a food.
  3. Apple pie – Superior to pumpkin pie in every way. First, it has a nice texture, unlike the weird custard that is pumpkin filling. Second, the pieces of apple add a freshness that can’t be replicated in a pumpkin pie.
  4. Rolls – See entry 1 (stuffing).
  5. Anything with cheese – This is actually true all of the time.

Happy holidays! We will probably not  have a list tomorrow night because the Thrill staff will be enjoying the holiday with their family and friends.

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