10 o’clock list: Five Tips for Drinking with the Family

Let’s be honest, coming home for break can be a little shocking and awkward for some of us.

Saying grace before carving the turkey at Than...

They are all so hammered. (Image via Wikipedia)

Drinking with my family can be awkward at times, even though my parents have no problem with me having wine or beer at dinner (as long as I’m not leaving the house or drinking anywhere else, of course).  And my weekend activities are no big mystery to Mama and Papa.  But nonetheless, the idea of straight up opening the refrigerator door and grabbing that brewski still seems so foreign to me under my parents’ roof.

So in the spirit of making your break all the more enjoyable, here are five tips to easing into drinking with the folks at home:

  • Do not spill beer on anything (the floor, the dog, your older sister) — You might receive a snarky comment along the lines of “This isn’t a frat party!” I know it’s not. I can move freely without have to shove people aside while shouting “excuse me, pardon me!”
  • When you’re helping clean up, do not drink from the not-quite-empty wine glasses or beer bottles. Just leave that soldier be.
  • Maybe skip your traditional pre-game routine when chillin’ with the old folks. Think Scattergories instead of beer pong; smooth jazz instead of Gold Dust.
  • If you’re underage, try to avoid showing off your extensive knowledge of bourbon. Dad, you know, I really think Knob Creek truly embodies the look, feel and taste of pre-prohibition bourbon. Jack Daniels just doesn’t compare.  Also you’ll just come off as a huge douchebag.
  • Be open about your drinking. If you want your parents to be comfortable with you drinking around them, you have to show that you are comfortable with it by talking to them about it. Trying to sneak around and hide it from them puts you right back at the kiddie table.

Happy Holidays!

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