Apparently We’re the Fifth “Druggiest” College in America

The Daily Beast has come out with this fine piece of journal-slideshow-ism ranking the American colleges with the worst drug cultures, and Kenyon comes in at number five. The rankings are based on “drug safety” grades pulled from College Prowler (40% of the score), the number of on-campus drug-related arrests per year relative to the size of the school (also 40%) and the prevalence of drug use by 18-25 year olds in general in the state each college is located in (20% of the score).

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this list is how Kenyon compares to other institutions in Ohio. Four of the 30 listed schools are in Ohio, and apparently we’re druggier than Miami University and Ohio Wesleyan, but less druggy than Denison (which is number two; the top prize goes to the University of Colorado—Boulder). The fact that Oberlin doesn’t appear anywhere makes this list’s accuracy highly suspect.

Possible follow-up study: exclude the Horn from the Kenyon campus and see how many spots we fall.

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  1. Kenyon graduates boast a diversity of majors which translates into very fulfilling and meaningful post-graduate experiences. Tyler Burnbell, an American Studies and Neuorscience double major with a concentration in environmental studies from the class of 2008, is currently employed at Goldman Sachs. Wow! Samantha Coolidge, an Econ-Drama double major with a minor in Classics from the class of 2010, is currently a video-editting intern for Epic Meal Time. Cool!

  2. No Oberlin, Bennington, or Hampshire, ergo list highly suspect (not that I don’t think we’d make the top 30 even still)

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