Breaking: Someone Drove Into the Peoples Bank (Updated)

Ruh-roh! (David Hoyt for The Thrill)

According to Peoples Bank of Gambier employees, a woman backing out of the bank’s parking lot crashed into the side of the bank at around noon today. One employee speculated that she may have hit the gas instead of the brake.

No one was hurt, and the car has since been removed, but significant damage to the bank building is evident.

A crew is currently in the process of removing debris, and there is an actual hole in the wall. The bank is still operating, but part of the tellers’ area is blocked off, and buckling of the wall and drop ceiling is apparent.

We don’t want to be the Blog that Cried Wolf, but we smell a conspiracy here. Last October, a speeding car rammed through the front of Fiesta Mexicana while members of the service organization Circle K were having dinner. This weekend, Circle K is running an alternative gift market, which has to do with money, which has to do with BANKS! The truth will come out!

Another photo (interior view!) below the jump.

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  1. I don’t think Jesus Christ writes for this blog. If he did I think you should have capitalized His name and probably put a comma after it as well.

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