International Superstar Knows About Kenyon!/KELLYROWLAND/status/143830437737938944

Less than an hour ago, second most-underrated Child of Destiny Kelly Rowland sent out this tweet, which contains a link to the YouTube video of Ally Schmaling ’14 (who occasionally takes photos for the Collegian) singing the song “Motivation,” from Rowland’s recent solo album Here I Am, at Friday’s Owl Creeks concert. This is bigger than The Kenyon Review and midnight breakfast combined, kids.

Just how big? Rowland has 2,304,272 followers and the link has been retweeted hundreds of times, so yeah, pretty big. Interestingly, the YouTube view counter appears to be stuck at 314, so we bet that that number will skyrocket once it’s updated.

Reached by text message, Schmaling told The Thrill of the moment she realized that Rowland had sent out the link: “I noticed there was an exorbitant amount of comments and I was really confused. And then I saw that all of them said something along the lines of, ‘thumbs up if Kelly sent you.’ My next train of thought was, wait, who the fuck is Kell-OOOOHHHHMYGODDDD, and then proceeded to poop my pants all over the library.”

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  1. Students engage in a number of exciting extracurricular on the Hill. A Capella is exceptionally popular and there are plenty of groups to get involved with on campus. The Kokosingers, Kenyon’s oldest all-male a capella group are a bunch of “handsome lady killers” who look swell in their khakis and blazers. The Chasers, the oldest group, sing popular songs and are generally pretty off-the-wall fun! The Owl Creek Singers make all the young men swoon. The Cornerstones provide the campus with talented singing and a small touch of Christian spirituality in their music. But that’s not all! The Stairwells always light up finals week with their brand of “acousta-pella” singalongs, Colla Voce sing classical music, and the Ransom Notes beat box their way through the best of top 40! It isn’t that hard to get involved in this inclusive, up beat community!

  2. best youtube comment yet: “Looks like they’re all riding invisible bikes”

    close runner-up: “they all look drunk in the background. sorry. but its good.”


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