10 o’clock list: The Best of Library Carrel Graffiti Literature

This is not going to help him win Iowa...

The fact that I’ve done two 10 o’clock lists in the past week about the library proves that I am truly Club Olin royalty (or that I live there). Anyway, without further ado, the five most brilliant bits of library carrel wisdom (like Faulkner, I use italics and bold to indicate when several different authors have contributed to a single entry; also, I know there’s some other good graffiti around, but Olin is really crowded right now and I don’t want to go skulking around occupied carrels looking for quotes).

  • “When in doubt, pack a bowl” — Mitt Romney
  • WHEN WILL IT END? It won’t. after finals
  • Library Tennis … Look right! [On the other side of the carrel] Look Left!
  • I was here. I lived, I loved.
  • [Drawing of tunnel that has been modified into a turtle] <—escape tunnelturtle        *only use in dire emergency, or finals week… <—SAME THING

4 responses

  1. Can the next 10 o’clock be graffiti literature in the olin bathrooms….my personal favorite is one right under the roll of toilet paper with an arrow pointing at the roll and the words “tax deductible” next to it.

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