This Just In: Buzz Bissinger’s Twitter is Incredible

You know Buzz Bissinger? The famous author/journalist (and father of the Collegian‘s very own news editor Caleb Bissinger ’13) who wrote Friday Night Lights and who’s speaking here at Kenyon tomorrow night in Rosse Hall?

Do yourself a favor and go read his Twitter. Run, don’t walk. It’s one of the funniest spectacles of excessive swearing, sports commentary and insight I’ve ever seen.

3 responses

  1. “My f-bombs are not gratuitious. The way I talk. The way my father talked. Sat across each other drunk and just said ‘fuck fuck fuck.'”

  2. How have you not reported on this earlier? He is known in the twitterverse for singling out individuals to argue with on twitter. His tirades are famous and frequently are commented on sports blogs such as

    Mara, I challenge you to start tweeting at him to see what happens…

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