10 o’clock list: Struggle-Fest

As we head into finals week, five of the biggest struggles on campus, brought to us by Thrill contributor Lily Rosenthal.

  1. Choosing where to study – The library? It closes at 3:00 a.m. MiddleGround? There are too many tempting goodies and other distractions. Gund Commons? The terrible lighting drains energy and motivation and it gets so loud, especially when people start practicing ballroom dancing or fencing.
  2. Finding a seat — Once you’ve figured out where to study, the next even more difficult step is finding a seat. Trying to find a carrel in the library can be like trying to find a parking spot in New York City. You keep circling around and around waiting for someone to get up while trying to beat out the other 10 people who are doing the same thing.
  3. Deciding what to work on first — After choosing a place to study and finding a seat, you are still not ready to study. Now it’s time to decide which one of your five assignments due in the next three days is the most important. The cumulative biology exam or the 10-page sociology paper? Is it better to do some of each so that you’ve at least started everything, or to do one thing at a time so that you can cross assignments off your list?
  4. Eating — Do I even have time to eat? Is Peirce still open? Is there food in the vending machine? Is it too cold to walk all the way to Nite Bites or the Market? Is it obnoxious to order Papa John’s to the library? (Ed.: LBIS, does, in fact, ask that you not.)
  5. Prioritizing other important activities — Do I have time to go the KAC?  Or, more importantly, do I have time to go to Chipotle when it opens in Mount Vernon on Tuesday?!

8 responses

  1. this is mediocre at best. where do they get these trashy writers? isnt Kenyon supposed to be a good school for english? i guess they were supposed to be a good school for swimming too HAHAHA DENISON RULES

    • go to hell, douche! or at least clutter up your own blog with your bullishit (dear moderators, you know you don’t want to moderate this one, because you’re probsies thinking the same thing)

    • Mickey, you do realize you’re reading a Kenyon blog… Right? As in, you took the time to read a “trashy writer’s” entry. What does that say about you? Just want to make sure you know that!

  2. Dude, check your grammar. Capitalize and use proper punctuation if you’re going to judge the English skills of others. #owned.

  3. yeah, because as we all know, proper grammar just abounds on the internet. if only you were as good at the breast stroke as you are at forming rudimentary arguments

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