Liveblog: Chipotle Grand Opening


The Bible predicted this day would come. The Messiah would descend from the heavens and send some of us to Paradise and some of us to the underworld. Or something.

Well, the Second Coming has arrived, and the Messiah is holding court in the shopping plaza with the Kroger.

If you haven’t figured it out, the Messiah is the Chipotle. Join us as we go there for the first time.

11:49: And we’re out. If you want to come here on a study break, they’re open until 10:00 p.m.

11:45: Bill, the general manager, just told us that two Kenyon students were the Chipotle’s FIRST EVER CUSTOMERS! We’re number 1! We’re number 1!

11:33: Some Kenyon students were apparently the first people to order quesadillas at this Chipotle location. So tour guides, add that to your list of notable thing Kenyon students and alumni have done, right above becoming President of the United States.

11:23: Hanna just pronounced this: “Better than Disney World.”

11:19: We just harassed Taylor Hartwell ’14 for a quote. He was not amused.

11:15: We have now tasted the forbidden fruit. Prediction: We are going to gain a lot of weight this semester.

11:08: Your liveblogger is getting a burrito with carnitas on it. My companion Hanna is getting a vegetarian burrito.

11:04: Fun fact: One of the first Chipotles not in Colorado was in Columbus, OH.

11:00: We’re here! They are still touching up the paint job on the outside. Like how the Gund Gallery isn’t even finished yet.

31 responses

  1. “Our Chicken is antibiotics free, naturally. Our tomatoes are picked by slaves.”

    WWESD? (What would Edward Said do?)

    Chipotle, formerly owned by mcdonalds, is a fast food appropriation! an orientalist fantasy!


  2. Hey David, I’m kind of offended that you just compared the opening of Chipotle to the second coming, especially during the sacred season of Advent in which Christians reflect on and look to the first coming as a source of hope that Jesus’ return will be soon. It’s not that big a deal, I just feel uncomfortable with you belittling one of the central beliefs of my religion.

      • No. Actually he asked me because I was one of the three kenyon students there when it first opened. And I gave David a quote, something along the lines of “it’s delicious and I’m glad there’s one here now.”

        Oh and so you know I haven’t listened to my ipod in two weeks.

      • I’m sorry I always look angry. It’s the way my face looks. At least I don’t spend my time taking anonymous shots at people on the internet.

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