10 o’clock list: Top Five Games to Play in Peirce

It’s okay to admit it: sometimes Peirce gets a little boring. Same familiar faces, same impossible-to-sit-upon-gracefully benches, same suspiciously orange curly fries at literally every meal. (I’m fairly sure I’ve seen them at breakfast. What?) Even with the best of table companions, it occasionally becomes necessary to break the monotony with a little organized merriment. Try these out at your next Thomas, Lower Dempsey or Great Hall dinner instead of staring blankly into space.

Slack Jaw: Oh, the joys of Slack Jaw. It’s all in the name: relax your jaw completely (if you look like a gaping moron, you’re doing it right), have a friend do the same and slowly turn toward each other with your mouths hanging open. The first person to break and burst out laughing loses. It’s like a staring contest, but with the added bonus of looking incredibly stupid in public.

Rap Battle: This isn’t really a “game” so much as it is “fucking awesome.” Have a rap battle. Loudly. Proudly. If you’re willing to rap publicly in Peirce, you don’t need any other games because you’re clearly already winning. #winning #charliesheen #outdatedreferencesFTW

The Name Game: Pick a random person and decide what their name is based on absolutely nothing other than physical cues (i.e. “He looks like an Ishmael”). Then shout that name in their direction. If they look up, congratulations. You’ve won.

The  Flannel Game: If you’ve spent longer than 10 minutes here at Kenyon, you’ve probably noticed the abundance of flannel clothing that spills forth from all directions (admittedly, mostly from the north side of campus). This simple game works best in Thomas: look directly in front of you and see how many flannel items you can count without turning your head. The highest number wins. Fair warning: this game can get addictive and cutthroat. It’s like Pokemon, but with hipsters instead of magical Japanese creatures. (Disclaimer: I may or may not be wearing a flannel button-down as I type this.)

The Wildly Uncomfortable Game: This one is guaranteed fun for the whole family. Look around the room and see how long it takes for you to make excruciating eye contact with someone you’re awkward around (be it last weekend’s hookup, the classmate who was there when you mortified yourself during that oral presentation or just the friendly Saturday-night passerby who witnessed you drunkenly alternating between singing “If I Were a Boy” and tearfully telling your friends “how much you loooooove them oh my God seriously you guys are my world”). Extra points for staring deeply into their eyes and making the face.

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    it is the world’s greatest game. if you want to play it, find me and relish in the merriment of joy and happiness.

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