Our Guide to Walmart’s Winter Boot Offerings

We’ve returned from our merry sojourns to discover that Gambier has changed in the month we were absent. There’s snow! Outside! On the ground! Sure, this is fun, but it also means we’re going to need to adjust our previously snow-free lifestyles. For example, consider switching over from desert boots to snow boots. What? You forgot your snow boots at home? Well here’s a handy photo guide to the best Walmart has to offer in winter footwear.

Perfect for snow hiking, not so perfect for wearing with formal clothing. You take what you can get when it comes to winter wear, I guess. Price: $32.87

The always classic steel toed work boot. Attractive for the masculinely presenting. While neither one of these boots claim to be snow boots, both of them are water proof. Just wear (smart) wool socks and you’ll never know the difference. Price: $27.97

These look serviceable. And the (faux) fur lining makes them luxe. Chanel quality quilting on the nylon uppers, right? Price: $22

These Hello Kitty kiddy booties are my personal favorite. Unfortunately, they only come in children’s sizes. Perfect for your short roommate? Price: $22

These sleek, suede “fashion” boots will keep your toes toasty and encourage strangers to give you compliments. Maybe. Price: $35

They’re almost totally indestructible and I think Hunter liners would work in them. Again, not exactly “winter boots” but with some augmentation they’ll do the trick. Price: $26

And finally…. 

Ug(g)h, is all. Price: $14

I leave you to mull over your bleak (but cheap!) options. If none of these appeal to you, remember, there’s always Zappos.

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