10 o’clock list: Man, My Roommate Has Really Changed

Winter break is a time to relax. Reset your inner clock after that sleepless time at semester’s end known as HELL finals week. I personally interpret those four weeks as a time to take some “me time.” What constitutes “me time” varies from person to person. For some people it’s snuggling up with a good book (that is not assigned to you). For others, it’s just having the freedom to be completely naked in the privacy of your own room, apartment or house. Now, when “me time” lasts for an extended period of time some people experience … changes. (For example, I had “me time” from 7th grade until I graduated high school.  I essentially became an only child. And now my parents clearly love me more than my two older sisters.) But how does one deal with or respond to the new changes in your beloved Kenyon pals? That’s where we come in. From a new haircut a totally new personality — we’ve got ya covered.

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Tips below the break…

1. Normal changes in physical appearance: A fair number of people get haircuts over break. And unless the new ‘do is something really bizarre like no. 19 at the bottom left of the picture above, you have nothing to worry about. You’re roommate is still a super cool dude who loves rollerblading and all six Rocky movies. Why not spare a compliment? From new clothes to glasses to a piercing, a simple “oh man, I’m lovin’ the new look” will certainly make his or her day.

2. Changes in preferences: “Hey Carrie*, wanna grab a chai later at Mid Gra?” “No, not really, Sam*. I’m not really into chai anymore.” Hey Sam, don’t sweat it. I know what you’re thinking. Carrie used to always love getting chai. What happened? Maybe she never liked it and was lying to me the entire time.  I don’t know who she is anymore!  But those are just wild speculations. Carrie’s still the same person. It’s Carrie! Fun, carefree Carrie! She’s just trying new things — you can’t blame her for that. Now, take a deep breath and ask Carrie to coffee. If she says no, then she is crazy and it’s time you got yourself a new best friend.

3. New interests: People develop new hobbies and fascinations all the time, it’s nothing to get worked up about. Sure, your friend comes back from break fluent in Korean, without ever mentioning her interest in the language before. And yes, she does seem to follow the news a lot more closely. And you may or may not have found some maps highlighting entry points into North Korea. And then that guy who is in charge now and is not Kim Jong Il disappears. It’s your job as a friend to be supportive, even if that makes you complicit in political assassination, or whatever.

4. More drastic changes in physical appearance: If your friend gets his eyeball pierced, first, avoid eye contact. Then take him to the hospital. I don’t know why anyone would want to do this. And the more I think about it the more I’m positive that this would be a terrible idea. So whatever weird piercing, tattoo or extreme plastic surgery your friends got over break, just be thankful they didn’t find a way to pierce their eyeballs.

5. A change in personality: Now, if your best friend and/or roommate starts to show more than just slight changes in his or her personality, I would recommend just riding out the storm. The whole “I’m gonna start a KISS tribute band!” is probably just a phase. But I might be concerned if she starts breaking your things in the middle of the night. Have a chat. Share your feelings about the changes in her behavior. You’ll be all like, “Carrie*, I don’t like it when you break my things.” And she’ll be all like, “Well, you didn’t come to see my tribute band when we played at the VI!” And you’ll be all like, “Next time, totally!” You’re lying, but by the time she figures that out it will be finals again and you will be too busy to care that all of your things are busted. Go school!

*Both of these people are fictional and in no way based on real people

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