Kenyon Alums Save America!

A picture from the site’s “photoshop” section, where other equally tasteful portraits of Mitt Romney can be found.

Although the most notable of Kenyon’s alumnus is ex-President Rutherford B. Hayes, he is not the only alum to have taken a shine to politics. Two students from the class of 2005, Tyler Bullen and Nathan Appy (the latter being the brother of one of our editors, the infamous Spencer Kaye) have launched an anti-Mitt Romney campaign in the form of a witty and fairly informative website all about Romney: This site will keep you informed about Romney’s mission along with providing “facts” that Wikipedia fails to mention about Romney’s early life and campaign (for example: his wife Ann was super-hot).

It should be noted, however, that this is NOT a real job, but we are proud that Kenyonites are actually doing something productive with their lives. If this website doesn’t manage to sway the upcoming GOP election, we can hopefully anticipate a follow-up website, probably along the lines of, or maybe even And if you don’t check out this website, the terrorists win.

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  1. Hey Kenyon! aims to engage. Leave comments/critiques on the site, on facebook, or follow us on twitter,

    Graphic artists: send us your own photoshop creations and we’ll put them up in the gallery. If you don’t have the digital art skills, suggest a ‘mitticism’. If it’s funny, Nate will photoshop a picture to go with it.

    Go ahead, let the dogs out, it’s fun.

  2. I would hardly call such a malicious website website “productive”. If someone does not support Mitt Romney that is perfectly okay, however, this website’s only intent appears to be trying to make fun of the man….hardly educational. If a similar site was made about the President, everyone would be writing it off as conservative, redneck slander.

  3. “we are proud that Kenyonites are actually doing something productive with their lives.”

    I don’t trust someone to summarize a whole book (No Apology), who can’t read two paragraphs correctly.

    • You be trippin bro.

      Still – good catch, Anonymous, we stand corrected on that point (had to skim the post during lunch). But rather than go back and forth here with this nonsense, we sincerely hope you’ll defend Mitt’s positions/policies/personality on our site. Currently, most of the comments are just angry rants and snarky asides…

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