Poll: Have You Stuck With Your New Year’s Resolution?

Last year, MTV placed reality star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi in a ball and dropped her in Times Square, N.Y. Her New Year's resolution? To lose more, drink less and have babies.

This year is the time for change. Things will be different now. I’m going to become a new person, brimming with positivity, idealism and enthusiasm. The minute the clock strikes 12:00 am, the mistakes of 2011 are no more and the year begins anew.

Well, it sounded nice.

New Year’s resolutions are a lot like New Year’s celebrations, in my opinion. Full of hope and promise in the beginning, and normally ending in despair as you drunkenly stumble through the woods, trying to fathom how you let your friends convince you that going to a house (fondly nicknamed “The Griffin”) in the middle of nowhere, North Carolina, was a good idea. These promises tend more towards complication than resolution.

How have Kenyon students fared so far in their resolutions? Read about it after the jump.

According to proactivechange.com, 40-45% of adult Americans make one or more resolutions each year. The following shows how many of these resolutions are maintained as time goes on:

  • past the first week: 75%
  • past 2 weeks: 71%
  • after one month: 64%
  • after 6 months: 46%

Now that we’re 2 weeks into the New Year, we’ve conducted a survey to see how well Kenyon students measure up to these statistics. Students were asked if they made a New Year’s resolution this year, and if they’ve stuck with it so far. According to SJW (Sydney Jill Watnick), 50% of Kenyon students polled made one and the breakdown was as follows:

  • I’ve stuck with my resolution: 36%
  • I haven’t stuck with my resolution: 14%
  • I didn’t make one/I was too drunk to make one: 50%

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