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Now that we’re all settling back into school, it’s time to stop stalking your high school friends on Facebook and focus on what’s really important — stalking other Kenyonites in the Blogosphere, of course. Today I am proud to present the first installment of our blog on blogs, a weekly feature bringing you some highlights of the interweb exploits of our friends and peers.

That’s right — there are bloggers among us, and not even just here at The Thrill.1 Each week we will showcase a couple of Kenyon blogs² that we think are awesome and that you might enjoy! Click on the links provided below to see more! 

WARNING: I don’t anticipate much NSFW content on any of these blogs, but it is a possibility, so don’t click if you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be viewing stuff like that. Murphy’s Law states that your crush from your 9:40 will be sitting behind you in the library precisely when you open up something inappropriate on the internet and THEY WILL TOTALLY JUDGE YOU.

…moving on.

Our first featured blogger is Charlotte Greene. Her Tumblr is a great place to look for inspiration. Charlotte’s blog is a collection of beautiful photography, paintings, and even videos of tattoo artists. I have no idea where she finds most of the images she posts, but I know I wouldn’t have the patience to sort through all of the sources, so I’m really glad she does it first — I admire Charlotte’s curatorial efforts. Take a look if you like pretty things, or funny things, or interesting things.3

Second this week is Nicholas Anania, who happens to be the illustrator aboard the mothership. Nick has two Tumblrs,4 one being just for his personal artwork. I spent about 10 minutes scrolling through the other, his general blog, just trying to come up with a word to describe the aesthetic, but I totally cannot find one. I don’t think it exists, I just know I like everything he’s posting? Sorry, everyone!5 There’s some seriously impressive art up, though, so definitely check Nick out here (general) and here (artwork).

I hope you’ve enjoyed! If you or any of your friends have blogs you’d like us to feature, whether they be on Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter, et cetera,6 let us know in the comments below! We’d love to stalk them, and let the entire Thrill-perusing community stalk them too.


1 I myself have a photo Tumblr, a music Tumblr, and a Twitter. Hit me up!

2 I know, technically these are all “microblogs,” but whatever PRETTY PICTURES.

3 Little known fact: absolutely nobody exists outside a hypothetical Venn Diagram of these three interests. I know, because it’s a fact I made up, and here’s a chart I just drew to go with it.

Actually wait I have two too. Nevermind.

5 Rest assured that whatever I may come across, whether it be on the Internet or IRL, I’m a complete vocabulary stickler, so not being able to come up with a word absolutely kills me.

6 What about Xanga? anyone still on Xanga? LiveJournal?? HIT ME UP I WANNA SEE WHAT YOU WERE LIKE WHEN YOU WERE 12.

Portrait of the blogger as a young dweeb.

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