Peirce Date: “Not Painfully Awkward”

For those who are unfamiliar with Peirce Date, it goes something like this: we set two people up on a blind date at Peirce, and hilarity ensues. Our main motivation for having the date at Peirce is so we don’t have to spend any money, because, well, we don’t have any. Wanna go on a Peirce Date yourself? Let us know!

On Thursday evening around 5:10 p.m., two Kenyon students looked for love in Peirce Dining Hall. They chatted it up in the warm glow of Thomas, while a snow monster ate Gambier. Now, meet the contestants!

The Girl:

  1. Name: Mary Alice Jackson
  2. Year: 2015
  3. Major: Undecided
  4. Hometown: Old Greenwich, Connecticut
  5. Ideal Date: Ice skating!
  6. Where to find you on a Saturday night: Out having fun!
  7. Best thing about Kenyon: The people.
  8. Worst thing about Kenyon: When Peirce serves ketchup in a bowl with a ladle.
  9. Your best pick-up line/ice-breaker: “I think I lost my phone number … can I have yours?”
  10. In 20 years you are… Happy and employed.

The Guy:

  1. Name: Ben Jacoby
  2. Year: 2014
  3. Major: Political Science
  4. Hometown: University Place, Washington
  5. Ideal Date: Watching a ridiculous, but awesome, movie and then making fun of it.
  6. Where to find you on a Saturday night: Where the party’s at or more likely hanging out in my room on Netflix and then at whatever Old Kenyon party is being thrown that night.
  7. Best thing about Kenyon: Midnight Breakfast…obvi.
  8. Worst thing about Kenyon: The walk from Mather to Peirce taking so long especially now that it’s cold, though it’s only cold every other day this winter so it’s chill.
  9. Your best pick-up line/ice-breaker: (Hold out hand) “Would you hold this for me while I go for a walk?”
  10. In 20 years you are… Senator Jacoby.

About the Date… 

Mary Alice and Ben had apparently met before. Ben couldn’t remember where, but Mary Alice recalled them eating at the same table in Peirce one time earlier this year. It was “a really big table” so Mary Alice’s feelings weren’t too hurt. It turns out Mary Alice and Ben have a lot in common.  From music to Mather to discovering that they both had a parent who graduated from Kenyon in the ’70s, these two did not miss a beat. From four tables away, I noticed that they didn’t eat dinner during the date. Was it because they were so entrenched in stimulating conversation? So lovestruck, they no longer needed sustenance?  Were they both suffering from frozen leg syndrome? Well, in my interview I found out all the facts. (Spoiler: All of their legs are fully functioning.)

Mary Alice:  The date went well. My expectations were super low, so I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. We have a lot in common. Music. We both live in Mather. And we are both Kenyon College legacies. My mom graduated in ’78 and [Ben’s] dad graduated in ’79. I Had a fun time talking and we didn’t run out of things to talk about.

Ben:  It was very nice. I enjoyed it. We had lots to discuss, sort of, yeah. We talked about musical things. We both like music. We both live in Mather, which is fun. There’s a lot of bond over Mather Life.

How about the atmosphere of Peirce… 

Mary Alice:  Peirce has a really nice ambiance. Although it was difficult to hear Ben at times. Peirce definitely took the pressure off. Our table was nicely located.  (Yes, when you go on a Peirce Date, your table is hand selected and chosen on its merits: cleanliness and availability.) And the snow was really lovely to watch from the window.

Ben: Well, my [romantic encounters] at Kenyon don’t usually involve sitting in Peirce … with a bunch of people around you. But you know, it was nice! Relaxin’.

Why didn’t you guys eat dinner on your date?

Mary Alice: Were we supposed to?

Ben:  Well, we both felt that it was too early to eat dinner. People’s Peirce times vary.

What about a second date?

Mary Alice:  Why not? Maybe we cannot have such forced conversation. (Ed.: Let me just say, from where I was sitting, it did not seem very forced to me.) I mean, it was a set-up. So … maybe under different circumstances we could have a … natural conversation?

Ben:  I don’t know. The future is so unclear.

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