Oh, Kenyon, We Are Like Loose-Leaf Tea

The words “Kokosing Farewell” conjure up awkward images and memories of First-Year Sing for anyone who has ever stepped near our lovely campus, not to mention the pervasive tune that gets instantly stuck in your head. Thanks to Allyson Whipple ’06, however, “Kokosing Farewell” has taken on a new dimension — as a loose-leaf tea blend sold by Adagio Teas. The tea in question combines citron green, lemongrass and white tangerine.

Whipple’s commentary explains the nostalgic choice of name:

This tea was made in homage to my alma mater, Kenyon College. Not only did I love my college years, Kenyon was the place where I discovered and started collecting loose-leaf tea. The teas that make up this blend all have sentimental value for me.

Kokosing Farewell sells for $10 for a three-ounce pouch. If only Adagio took K-Card.

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