Friendly Reminder: Add/Drop is ending

20120123-092128.jpgHey reader, I see you there, struggling with your work. That seminar you signed up for is a little harder than you thought, isn’t it? We’ve all been there. Never fear!* You still have 28 hours and 30 minutes until the Add/Drop period ends. Take advantage of the Add/Drop period while you can; this writer is fairly certain that it doesn’t exist with real life things (getting a job, getting married, having kids**).  Get your forms in quick, though; Murphy’s Law says you won’t be able to get it signed.

*This will not take away the awkwardness of telling a Professor you dropped their class. It’s a feeling akin to seeing an Old Kenyon DFMO on Middle Path.
**Actually, it exists for all those things, it’s just a whole lot more than a half sheet of paper.

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