Kenyon Doppelgängers: Sam Anderson ’14 and Alisa Rethy ’15

From left to right (maybe): Alisa Rethy and Sam Anderson

Known for looking basically identical from behind, these two olive-coat-wearing, lit-cigarette-wielding, brown-haired pixies are utter dream boats.

When asked if they were aware of their startling resemblance, Rethy replied, “Yeah, it’s been said many times.” Anderson agreed, “It’s a thing.”

More pictures after the jump.

8 responses

  1. three questions: 1) what are those little dots above the “a” called, 2) why are they there?, and 3) why are they so adorable???

    • They are an umlaut, and they change the sound of the “a” to a sort of “ae” sound. So it’s pronounced “gang” instead of “gong.” No explanation for the adorableness.

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