Professors’ Pods: Zoe Kontes

We haven’t done one of these in a while, so for those of you who are unfamiliar with the feature, we ask faculty members what they’ve been listening to and their favorite songs. Our last article profiled the musical tastes of the esteemed Fred Baumann of the Political Science Department. Baumann jammed to classics like “Dove Sono” and “Pase el agua ma Julieta.” A little short on time this week, we are pulling up a playlist created by Professor of Classics Zoe Kontes. Maybe not what you’d expect from a professor who specializes in Greek and Roman numismatics, but perhaps even the classics department has a little bit of street cred.

The first track for Kontes has to be “Dalliance” by the Wedding Present, the first song she plays at the beginning of her weekly radio show on WKCO.

Next up is prolific singer/songwriter Elvis Perkins from his album Elvis Perkins in Dearland. A great album, if this writer may say so himself.

Dinosaur Jr., based out of Northampton, Mass. and led by visionary guitarist J. Mascis. The artist has gained fame in recent years through a few solo projects (though he will always be remembered for his prolific work with Dinosaur Jr.).

Before coming to the Hill, Kontes worked at Duke University. Therefore, Superchunk holds a special place in her heart, as they are based out of Durham, N.C. Members Mac McCaughan and Laura Balance are also the founders of Merge Records.

Last up, we have Uncle Tupelo, which hearkens back to her time at Bowdoin as an undergrad. You may know this band for member Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco), but Kontes remembers them from her college years (even getting to meet Tweedy at least once).

Nothing says cool like meeting Jeff Tweedy … nothing.

4 responses

    • “for those of you who are unfamiliar with the feature, we ask faculty members what they’ve been listening to and their favorite songs”

      Besides being a complete reading comprehension fail, you’ve also managed a complete basic reasoning fail: hmm it’s called “prof pod” and involves professors listening to music. Well I guess the “prof” could stand for “profuse” or “profundity” or maybe “professor.” Now that just leaves the “pod” part? Hmmm “escape pod?” no. “Pod people?” maybe…

      • is pod short for podcast? ipod? though the first comment is rude, their point is correct: pod seems like a nonsensical title addition.

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