Seeking Gastrointestinal Disaster? Look No Further

Josh Bloom '13, right, fought mightily against the burritos, and for his efforts won $60. (Sam Colt for The Thrill.)

As many of you sat down for dinner this evening, a select group of adventurous students also sat down together for dinner — but with a competitive twist. Hosted by Gund Gameroom, this year’s annual eating competition featured 12 students and 50 (that’s fifty) Chipotle burritos. The rules were as follows:

1) Eat as many burritos as you can.

2) You have 30 minutes.

3) If you vomit, you are disqualified.

Oh, and some did vomit. The competition for the $60 prize was fast and furious at first, but by the 15-minute mark, everyone had slowed down considerably. By the end, few were left standing. The winner of the competition was Josh Bloom ’13, who ate four and a half burritos — that’s around 3,900 calories — without hurling. I salute you, sir.

Fun fact: The Gund Gameroom division of Student Activities hosts many events like this one throughout the year. Consult Newscope and flyers around campus for information about future events.

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