Athlete Spotlight: Jordan Rhyne

Class: 2013
Team: Club Ultimate Frisbee
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Major: Sociology
Extracurriculars: Ultimate Frisbee captain
(2 years) and president, Last Call Food Cart
co-founder (according to Rhyne, the Food Cart
will hopefully be making its triumphant return
sometime after spring break)

Q: What position do you play?

A: The two main positions are “handler” and “cutter”; I cut more, which in football terms is kind of like being a wide receiver.

*Full disclosure: I had to follow up this question with “Wait, is that question even relevant to Ultimate Frisbee? Oh God, I’m so sorry. I’m the worst.” Luckily, Rhyne was gracious enough to overlook my utter lack of sports savvy and gave me a quick rundown — for anyone out there who’s similarly uninformed, Ultimate is played seven on seven, similar to football in that it’s played between end zones, and the team is split into “handlers” (who throw the disc) and “cutters” (who cut downfield to catch it).

More on the Ultimate Frisbee Team and Rhyne after the jump.

Q: When does your season start?

A: Our first tournament is this coming weekend in Nashville, Tenn. We also have a home tourney coming up on Feb. 24 and 25, on the KAC Intramural fields.

Rhyne in action.

Q: How did you get involved with Ultimate at Kenyon?

A: I heard about it through my brother, who had played at Georgetown and told me to check it out at Kenyon. I also learned a lot from Russell Wallack ’11, who played for the U.S. National Team and showed me how much potential Ultimate had as a real sport.

Q: What’s the best moment you’ve had since you joined the team?

A: That’s a tough one, but probably the D3 Nationals my freshman year. The game was coincidentally the same weekend as graduation, so a lot of the younger guys got to step up. That was one of the first times it really clicked for me, and I saw that Ultimate was a lot more than running around chasing a disc. Ultimate is unique in that it attracts talented players who don’t just care about winning, they really respect the spirit of the game; whenever we set too many strict winning-oriented goals, we actually end up doing worse.

Q: What would you say to talk someone thoroughly unathletic into joining Kenyon Ultimate Frisbee?

A: [Ultimate Frisbee] is the weirdest, goofiest, best group of people you could possibly spend your afternoons with, and we teach people to play, so you don’t need experience. I was very pleasantly surprised when I joined the team!

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