A Tree Whisperer is Among Us


Update: The Thrill, which had no childhood, has been informed that this is a reference to the book The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

Collegian news editor Lili Martinez sends us this photo of a tree stump in front of Ransom Hall, which has now been adorned with this nifty sign. Close-up after the jump.


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  1. The Lorax was about the dangers of exploiting the ecosystem by cutting down too many trees for commercial purposes. This tree, however, was cut down after it was struck by lighting and severely damaged. So there’s kind of a miscommunication.

    • Though the choice to cut this tree down may have been for sound reasons, making people question why this and other trees are cut down cannot hurt. Maybe the intent was not to say any ecosystem was in danger (though I’m sure the tens of species living in the tree were not happy) but rather to make people more aware of when trees are cut down, roads are widened, fields are developed…

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