Can’t Wait to Vote for Mitt in the Ohio Primary? Why Not Vote Now?

That glint in his eye is him anticipating a delicious Ohio victory, and maybe a bowl of Cincinnati Chili.

The friendly folks over at 10TV—Central Ohio’s news leader!—remind us that, while Ohio’s Republican primary election doesn’t officially occur until March 6, early voting has already started. Voters can cast their ballots between now and March 2, either by absentee mail-in ballot or at county election boards. Unfortunately, Ohio does not have open primaries, limiting mischievous Democrats’ ability to wreak electoral havoc by voting for Rick Santorum or writing in Herman Cain or what not. On the off chance that you are a real live Kenyon Republican, however, keep in mind that March 6 is during Spring Break, so you definitely want to take advantage of early voting. (Of course, this only applies if you vote in Ohio but are originally from out of state.)

2 responses

  1. Ol’ Mittens could never handle a Three Way from Skyline (I’m talking about Cincinnati Chili). The stuff would be too wild for him.

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