Go Greek in Five Words or Less

Apparently ΑΔΦ is Greek for "Brotherhood now and forever."

As nervous underclassman steel themselves for the final days of Greek rush, which ends Feb. 5, The Thrill asked every Greek organization president to pitch their group in five words or less. Here are their responses.

Laura Amrhein (Archons): Service, diversity, opportunity, chicks, social. (Co-President Zac Katz-Stein added “Beyonce.”)

Sam Baker (DKEs): Gentleman, scholar, jolly good fellow. (We’re pretty sure he’s talking about himself, but the DKEs as a whole are pretty cool too.)

Emily Rapp (EDMs): Meet new amazing people.

Tim Brenner (Betas): Betas like to have fun.

Kris Reslow (Delts): Brotherhood, leadership, networking, service and (this cuts off there because we limited him to five words, but it would have been “success”).

Johanna Kessler (Thetas): Snakes, glitter, rage, rage, rage.

Jake Lorber (Peeps): Weekly meetings open to all. (No real rushing, just show up.)

Scott Chernoff (PhiKapps): Brotherhood, social & academic excellence, leadership. (PhiKapps did not get cut off like the Delts, because the ampersand isn’t a word. Clever.)

Andie Asimes (Zetas): Zetas are fun and friendly.

Rob Wennemer (DPhis): Brotherhood now and forever.

Saphir Glynn (ADs): To both better and enjoy (like our friends the Delts, Glynn used six words, but he would have added “oneself” on the end).

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