Uphill/Downhill: Unseasonably Warm Edition

It’s all about the weather this week at The Thrill.

Uphill: Bizarrely Warm Weather: Is everybody ready for Sendoff?  Wait, no, it’s February.  The best part about this unseasonably warm weather is the fact that it makes the winter party season that much more manageable.  No more choosing between A) braving that lonely 2:00 a.m. walk North from Old Kenyon without a coat or B) taking one, having it stolen and still walking back in the cold. These first years aren’t going to know what hit them when we get a real winter … if that ever happens again. So until the next time we get buried in snow, live it up and enjoy this unholy summer.

Want to know what’s Downhill this week?

Downhill: Global Warming: Yeah, you knew this was going to be here.  We get early beach weather, but only at the cost of our kids burning up in the ever-thinning atmosphere.  But hey, that’s their problem, so you only have to worry about it on a purely philosophical level! We can solve climate change tomorrow — for today, we tan!

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