Taking It to the Streets: Mount Vernon’s Blog

If your lust for local news and regular updates is somehow weirdly unsatisfied by The Thrill or the Collegian, you might try the official Mount Vernon blog, Taking it to the Streets, known for its polls, its  focus on hunting issues and its pithy one-liners, such as: “Letters are going out in the mail today to residents in Clinton Township not currently connected to the Mount Vernon City sanitary sewer system.” Fascinating.

Through this blog, local high school sports teams become famous overnight when their names appear on the site, local community members can announce their retirements, and even the local deer have been known to check the obituaries section regularly during hunting season. The blog also occasionally covers some issues relevant to Kenyon College. (Hey, remember that time the murderer got loose on the Kokosing Gap Trail? Yeah, so does all of Mount Vernon.) Unfortunately the one-liner news bulletins on the blog homepage are really all that is presented; try as you might to look for a “read more” button when you are fascinated with the “need for brine disposal wells,” the article is cut short, leaving you to desperately search for another news source on the buzzing metropolis of Mount Vernon.

Not only does this blog leave you with a burning thirst to learn more about Mount Vernon, it inspires you to take part in the community by participating in polls. Some of the best here include Have You Ever Been In A Car-Deer Accident (options: 1. No because they all got shot in hunting season or 2. I couldn’t get a gun license so I hit them with my car instead), How Would You Rate Tap Water Quality, and everyone’s favorite: What Is Your Favorite Christmas Movie. Check out the results, they just might shock you. Or they will be totally predictable.

This blog is such a source of fun and entertainment all around! Don’t forget to check it out next time you suddenly develop an interest in our neighboring town beyond just the Walmart and CVS.

3 responses

  1. Real nice. Lamenting the lack of things to do around Kenyon and the Vern is one thing, but shooting flaming sarcastic potshots at an entire community? Really pretty dickish to our neighbors.

  2. I acknowledge that it’s really hard as Kenyon students to accept and tolerate the surrounding rural community with respect, but there are times when I feel like the effort isn’t even being made.

    With a story like this, I just don’t think cracking a joke at every opportunity is all that appropriate. It’s a story about a Mt. Vernon news blog and any jokes you’re making are at the expense of other people who don’t get a ticket out of living here after four years. The humor doesn’t add that much to the post and I get a really snide vibe from reading it. Would you enjoy out-of-town people saying these sorts of things about your hometown newspaper? Or people who aren’t in your family mocking the phrasing in your holiday letters?

  3. This is exactly why most residents of Mount Vernon think Kenyon students are arrogant, callous, bigoted and ignorant of anything beyond the “Hill.” Reading this gives me a whole new disrespect for the brilliant Kenyon community.

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